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NO! Its not another affiliate scam.

It's so simple, you give us a lead, we sell it, we get paid and you get paid.

Word of mouth still proves to be the strongest form of advertising and this is how we advertise. If you deal with Small Businesses over the phone, face to face or if you are someone with a lot of contacts, this is your chance to earn the extra dollars in the most simpliest way possible.
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<div align="left"><table border="0" width="520" align="center" style="width: 520px; height: 40px"><tbody><tr><td><h5 align="left"><font color="#ff6600">Privacy Policy</font> </h5><p align="left">It is important you read our Privacy Policy and&nbsp;be familiar with the way we handle your personal information in the form of collection, usage, security and disclosure.</p><p align="left">Should you have questions about this policy, please feel free to email us at<br /><a href=""></a></p><h5 align="left"><font color="#ff6600">Information Collected From All Visitors</font></h5><p align="left">By browsing our website we can gather statistical information such as your IP address or number of pages visited. No personal information is collected. We use this statistical data to administer our site and analyse web traffic.</p><h5 align="left"><br /><font color="#ff6600">How we Use and Disclose Personal Information Collected from You</font></h5><p align="left">When you register with, we gather personal information from you which may include your full name, email address, telephone numbers, postal code of your address, and bank account details so we can pay your commission. It is important that the information you provide for us is complete, accurate and up to date.</p><p align="left">We may also use your email address to inform you of important changes (such as changes to terms of service). We do not use your email address for general marketing purposes without your authority. There are opt-in mailing lists for these purposes available in My Account page under Newsletter Preferences when logged to customer area.</p><p align="left">Be assured that we will not disclose or share your personal information with other companies or business entities except where necessary to facilitate your use of the website.</p><h5 align="left"><br /><font color="#ff6600">General Security &amp; Storage</font></h5><p align="left">We believe it is important to keep the personal information about you secure from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.</p><p align="left">We take great care to protect your personal information through usage of encryption technology to help prevent any third party from intercepting the information, through security and password protection measures and confidentiality requirements for our employees.</p><h5 align="left"><br /><font color="#ff6600">Bank Account&nbsp;Security</font></h5><p align="left">We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of your personal information. uses&nbsp;Bank Transfer&nbsp;over the internet to deposit your commission into your nominated bank account. Confidential information including your&nbsp;Bank Account&nbsp;details are encrypted the moment they are transmitted from&nbsp;our browser using Westpac Banking website. <br /><img src="" alt=" " width="117" height="30" /></p><h5 align="left"><br /><font color="#ff6600">Market Research</font></h5><p align="left">We may perform market research from time to time in an effort to improve our service and performance to our suppliers and clients. This market research may be performed by our own staff or a third party may be asked to conduct market research analysis on our behalf. Only the minimum details required for this market research and analysis will be supplied to any third party and will be covered by confidentiality agreements to protect your details.</p><h5 align="left"><br /><font color="#ff6600">Accessing Your Information</font></h5><p align="left">You may request us to send you the information we hold about you. This can achieved only if you nominate the same email address given for the booking confirmation as this is the only email we have that validate your account. We may charge a small fee to cover our reasonable expenses in meeting your request<br /><br /></p><h5 align="left"><font color="#ff6600">Update to this Policy</font></h5><p align="left">As our website evolves over time or our data handling policies change, we will update this privacy policy. Changes made to this policy, will be effective immediately following the posting of the new policy on the website. </p></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></tbody></table></div>