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NO! Its not another affiliate scam.

It's so simple, you give us a lead, we sell it, we get paid and you get paid.

Word of mouth still proves to be the strongest form of advertising and this is how we advertise. If you deal with Small Businesses over the phone, face to face or if you are someone with a lot of contacts, this is your chance to earn the extra dollars in the most simpliest way possible.
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FAQ- Frequent Asked Questions

Who can register to Make Money with Website Names Design & Hosting ?

Anyone !
Anyone who has a lot of contacts with businesses who may be interested in having a website. Anyone who is in contact with small & medium business with their own day job, like Telemarketers, Tele Sales, Face to Face Sales Consultants.


How can I register ?

Click on the Register button on the left of this screen, or Click Here


How much Commission would you pay me ?

Currently we are paying $45 for your converted Web design lead, and $5 from your direct affiliate converted Web design lead.


Would the commission structure change in the future?

Website Names Design & Hosting reserve the right to change the commission structure without any prior notice due to promotional reasons.


How would you pay my commission?

When you register you will have the option to choose one of the following payment method, Direct Deposit, Paypal or Money Order. If you choose to get paid by Money Order, an admin fee of $2.75 charged by Auspost will be deducted from the total of your commission.

Commission will be paid either  Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly, you can choose which period is most suitable for you.


Any other conditions regarding payment of commission ?

Commission will only be paid if the total commission is equal or over $45


How can I track my leads and commission ?

A full functional and easy to use user panel is available by login into your account using your chosen username and password.